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Junior Appalachian Musicians

Starting in February, Teen Venture will be hosting the Junior Appalachian Musicians, JAM, again. 

Watch our social media pages for more up to date information on this incredible opportunity.


Southwest Virginia Martial Arts Academy


  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings

  • Children's Tae Kwon Do, 6:45 to 7:30pm 

  • Adult, 7:30 to 9pm

  • Teen Venture Center

217 Railroad Ave.

Richlands, VA 24641

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Service Project 2023

  • Students at Teen Venture are required to participate in 2 service projects a year. This year, the students decided we are doing a fund raiser for Tazewell County Animal shelter. When we called the shelter to find out what they need, and they told us, "Food for kittens and puppies". 

  • It is our mission, this Winter and Spring 2023, to raise as many donations as we can by the end of May 2023.

  • Teen Venture will be at the Richland's Winter Honey Festival Celebrations accepting donations for pottery, we have honey jars, and face painting.

  • Donations will go to buying Puppy and Kitten food for the Tazewell County Animal Shelter.

February 11th - Winter Honey Exposition

February 25th - Books, Bees, and Bargains


Random Acts of Kindness

Photo Contest

Questions or Concerns

Teen Venture Center

217 Railroad Ave

Richlands, VA 24641


February 17th

  • Teen Venture is hosting a photo contest for all high school and middle school students.

  • Submit your photos to or bring it to the center at 217 Railroad Ave, Richlands, VA

  • You can use whatever camera you have available, and if you need help with editing, you can always stop by. 

  • The deadline for submitting your photo entries is Friday, February 3rd, at 9pm.

  • Judging will begin the week of February 6th.

  • The reception is February 17th at 5pm

Citrus Fruits

The Kitchen Build

Teen Venture has been open since 2009 and it's finally getting a kitchen built. 

  • For years the teen center has enjoyed using the café for snacks and small events. 

  • We received a grant that will help us get this project started.

  • With the new kitchen we will have cooking classes with healthy and delicious snack alternatives.

  • We will be able to open up to the public for additional fund raising 

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